LEGO Creative Play Lab

Billund, Denmark

6 Months

LEGO Internship 2020

During Fall 2020 I had the pleasure of joining LEGO for 6 months. Interning as an Interaction Designer in their Creative Play Lab, I worked on several awesome hush-hush projects and met a bunch of fantastic people. Through great mentorship and working alongside talented designers, I gained invaluable knowledge and got a taste of that sweet sweet LEGO spirit.

Bricks to be added

As all of the projects I worked on are still fully confidential, unfortunately I can’t disclose any specifics right now. When released, I will update this page with lots of juicy info. 

Meanwhile, please do enjoy this build of a 1984 Macintosh 128K unfold before your beautiful eyeballs, and then quickly skip the sad wall-mourning guy below and reach out of you want to chat!