Hi, my name is Emil!

I am an interaction designer from Denmark, currently doing a Master’s in Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design in the far cold north of Sweden. This year, I have done a 6-month internship as an Interactive Play Design Intern at LEGO Creative Play Lab in less-cold-but-grey Denmark, and have now joined EGGS Design in freezing-cold-but-surprisingly-not-grey Trondheim, Norway, for a 6-month internship as a UX Design Intern.

On a good day, in the right weather conditions, I can fit an astounding 25 Maltesers in my mouth. Oh, and I have a minor Pepsi Max addiction and I love exploring the endless possibilities of pasta dishes.

If not human,
then what?

Good design is inclusive. It seeks to empower the individual and put people back in touch with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

I enjoy working in the intersection of digital and physical experiences, learning together with users, and collaborating to create empathetic and engaging experiences that, in true Hannah Montana spirit, bridges the best of both worlds.

I strive to involve people at the core of design to help identify problems that are anchored in actual needs and explore potential solutions to solve them. I think it is essential to continuously create and engage people with relevant prototypes throughout the design process, as it helps break down barriers and look past those pesky what-if’s by cultivating creative serendipity.